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The types of investments you are in should reflect your long-term objectives as well as your risk tolerance. We ensure you have a diversified portfolio that helps smooth out market and give you results each year.


From loans to insurance, structures to succession planning, we advise on business planning as well as the sale of a business and optimizing the result.

Risk Management

Risk Management

Protection in the event of the unexpected is an important part of any holistic plan. It is a balance between what cover you need in line with your goals and how that changes over time. Importantly we ensure you claim what you are entitled to and support you through that process.



There are lots of options in the area of superannuation. Choosing the right one can result in a big financial difference. We work through this with you to plan for the best retirement that keeps you in the lifestyle you want.



What our clients say about us?

As an experienced man of the world I keep myself well informed. But there comes a time when you just can't reach everything that you want to or used to be able to. I was cautious and I asked lots of questions. Fortunately Andy was patient. He gave me the feeling that he knew how I felt in giving the management of my money to someone else. It can be hard to give up control even though I never did. They keep me well advised and I get answers when I need them. Well that was a few years ago now and I think it was one of my better decisions. Even my wife thinks so. Graham (61)


When I went to see Mark he took the fear out of the meeting. I was petrified. I genuinely felt like I was financially undressing; having to show what I did with my money, how messy I was in the way I did things and no! I did not have a plan. I rolled through from week to week, month to month, not recklessly but really busy with the most pressing things first, much like many others I understand.

Mark set a new direction for us to follow. It was even exciting to think this was one pile I was going to get in order and right. I have stopped worrying about it completely. And really it wasn't hard after all. The difference is when you talk to someone who knows how to do these things they make it easy. I should have done it sooner and how much have a learnt since? Heaps! Lizzy (41)


My husband and I have been clients of Andy's for a number of years and a couple of years back we took up the suggestion of insurance because it made sense.

Thank goodness we did because that fateful day when the doctor shared the news about my husband's cancer and the situation was critical my world felt like it had been shaken up and turned upside down. The surprise was that Sharon was there every step of the way. She got onto our insurance claim and was chasing down everything that was necessary. I was numb and disjointed and burning my energy holding the family together. Importantly we had the money to get the right sort of help and I am pleased to say that Roger is doing well. I did not think much about it at the time but in hindsight they were amazing. And without the money we would not have had the options we did which saved his life. Stephanie (56)



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